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An Open Source Geospatial Data Management
& Analysis Platform

Open Data Cube

The Open Data Cube (ODC) is an Open Source Geospatial Data Management and Analysis Software project that helps you harness the power of Satellite data. At its core, the ODC is a set of Python libraries and PostgreSQL database that helps you work with geospatial raster data. See our GitHub repository here>>.

The ODC seeks to increase the value and impact of global Earth observation satellite data by providing an open and freely accessible exploitation architecture. The ODC project seeks to foster a community to develop, sustain, and grow the technology and the breadth and depth of its applications for societal benefit.










  • Landsat

  • Sentinel



Depending on your application, the Open Data Cube can be deployed on HPC, Cloud, and local installations. Typical installations run on Linux, MacOS, and Windows.



  • Deforestation

  • Water Quality

  • Illegal Mining

Explore the ODC

We believe the Open Data Cube should be free and open. We hope the data cube motivates a vibrant community of data cube users. Please click below to go to our GitHub Repository.


Project Spotlight: Digital Earth Africa (DEA) will improve understanding of Africa's changing landscape, providing much-needed insights, knowledge and analysis for more informed, strategic and inclusive decision-making across the continent.


We believe that creating a Data Cube should make your GIS workflow simpler. In our learning center, we provide guides, tutorials, and other useful information to create your own data cube and get started quickly.




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News and Events

Open Data Cube Conference 2021
Tuesday 22 June - Friday 26 June 2021, Virtual conference (register here)
Join us as we come together from around the globe to push the boundaries on how we can use earth observation to solve real-world problems!


2020 American Geophysical Union (AGU)
December 1 - 17, 2020, Virtual conference presentation
Demonstrating Interoperable Data Analyses using the Open Data Cube, Google Cloud, and Google Earth Engine Satellite Datasets
#AGU20 Fall Meeting will be one of the world's largest virtual scientific conferences, with exciting programming and events. In this presentation, the ODC team demonstrates the integration ODC with Google technology. See the virtual presentation here>> 

Digital Earth Americas Workshop 
August 19, 2020, Virtual Workshop (Global Participants)
The Road to Digital Earth Americas
Building on progress made in the ODC Community, the Digital Earth Americas Workshop brings together key stakeholders and technical experts to discuss a regional solution. DE-Americas could help solve common, challenging problems in the region, building a community of users, ultimately leading to better decision making. News>>.  Learn more (English)>> | (Española)>> 

2020 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium
September 26 - October 2, 2020, Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA
Advancements in the Open Data Cube and Analysis Ready Data (Data Management and Education)
IGARSS is a premier event in remote sensing and provides an ideal forum for obtaining up-to-date information about the latest developments, exchanging ideas, identifying future trends and making networking with the international geoscience and remote sensing community. The Open Data Cube will be featured in multiple areas, including a dedicated session.  Learn more>>

Living Planet Symposium
May 13-17, 2019, Milan, Italy
Open and standard-based approaches to Big EO data architecture
This session will encompass a series of presentations that, together, outline an emerging pattern for an open approach to Big EO data delivery, processing, and analysis. The goal is to develop an architecture that promotes the reuse of EO data, tools and algorithms to allow scientists, researchers, and the businesses to harness “big EO data” at a minimum cost and effort.  Learn More>>

3rd Annual ODC Conference
February 11-15, 2019, Canberra, Australia 
The ODC will come together for its 3nd Conference 11-15 February 2019 in Canberra, where Developer, Partners, and joint threads will be organised. Learn more>>  
About Us

The objective of the ODC is to increase the impact of satellite data by providing an open and freely accessible exploitation tool, and to foster a community to develop, sustain, and grow the breadth and depth of applications. This solution intends to support key objectives, which include building the capacity of users to apply EO satellite data and to support global priority agendas, such as those found in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDG) and the Paris and Sendai Agreements.


In order to ensure success, the ODC must establish a “brand” that users can trust and it must promote a positive user experience. This should be made possible through the development of an open source ODC community that is actively engaged and contributes to the core code, shares algorithms and provides support to each other for the resolution of problems. 

The Open Data Cube initiative is supported by six institutional partners: Geoscience Australia (GA), NASA / Committee on Earth Observation Satellite (CEOS), United States Geological Survey (USGS), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Catapult Satellite Applications, and Analytical Mechanics Associates (AMA).


We are very interested in growing the ODC community, supporting you, and understanding your project. If you have questions, comments, or success stories you would like to share, please contact us below: 

You can also email us directly at:

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