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Get up and running with the ODC quickly! Follow the instructions below -or- click here to go the current

GitHub Repository.

Install the Open Data Cube Software

Preparing your Data for indexing or ingestion

Loading your data into the ODC

Why the Open Data Cube? 

  • Supports data access, data preparation, and efficient analyses

  • Minimize the time and capacity required to obtain and prepare satellite data

  • Free and open source 

  • Perform time series analyses

  • Use multiple datasets together

  • Works with common GIS tools

  • Users have control over their data

  • Thriving communities of contributors and developers 


The Open Data Cube project, as the name suggests, adopts licenses that reflect our open approach. This applies both to the code in this repository but, ideally, also to data used within Open Data Cube deployments. Code within the Open Data Cube repository will be available via the Apache License Version 2.


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