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Data Preparation

Prepare your data for use in the OpenDataCube. Though we recommend working with Analysis Ready Data (ARD), we understand

for some users this may not be the desired solution. This page addresses data preparation for both ARD and non-ARD use-cases.


Free/open Analysis Ready Data (ARD) is needed to support a diverse set of applications. These data include, but are not limited to, optical and radar at various spatial resolutions (coarse, medium and fine). There is also a need to utilize multiple datasets together through interoperable methods, where the data remains separate but takes advantage of complementary benefits, or through merged products, where the data is combined to improve temporal sampling.




The data cube can also store non-space datasets.  Coming soon... This page will detail how ODC can manage non-space datasets. For example, how do we ingest common raster data such as precipitation or temperature?




Below is a table that details Space datasets supported by CDC and AGDC. This table will continue to expand and will include links to documentation for how to acquire and pre-process to ARD (if needed).

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