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Forest and Agriculture Detection with Spectral Variability Vegetation Index


An index by Lloyd Coulter (San Diego State Univ) based on the standard deviation of a Landsat=7 time series mosaic, where SVVI = STD (1,2,3,4,5,7) – STD (4,5,7). This algorithm has been used to detect forests and agriculture.


  1. Head to the ODC Sandbox (click here) and login with GitHub Open Authorization.

  2. Open the /examples folder.

  3. Open and run the /examples/Landing_Page.ipynb notebook block by block.

  4. In block [2], use the map interface to draw a small area of interest, and select a time frame.

  5. Click "Query Cube" and review the number of tiles that will be accessed. Less than 100 will run quickly.

  6. Run block [3], 'band_indices_aws_landsat8', click on the NDWI button, and calculate NDWI for anywhere inside your previous bounds.

Code/Python Notebooks

  • Run on the Open Data Cube Sandbox

GitHub Resources

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