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Integration of the Open Data Cube on Common Cloud Frameworks

Joshua R. Baptist; Oguz Yetkin; Brian Terry; Brian Killough; Sanjay Gowda

Think global, cube local: an Earth Observation Data Cube’s contribution to the Digital Earth vision

Martin Sudmanns; Hannah Augustin; Brian Killough; Gregory Giuliani; Dirk Tiede; Alex Leith; Fang Yuan; Adam Lewis

The Austrian Semantic EO Data Cube Infrastructure

Martin Sudmanns; Hannah Augustin; Lucas van der Meer; Andrea Baraldi; Dirk Tiede

Advancements in the Open Data Cube and Analysis Ready Data — Past, Present and Future

Brian Killough; Andreia Siqueira; George Dyke

Lessons Learned and Cost Analysis of Hosting a Full Stack Open Data Cube (ODC) Application on the Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Syed R Rizvi; Brian Killough; Andrew Cherry; Sanjay Gowda

Overview of the Open Data Cube Initiative

Brian Killough

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