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Burn Scar Identification with Normalized Burn Ratio


Similar to NDBI (reverse sign), this index is used to estimate burn severity. NBR = (NIR-SWIR1) / (NIR+SWIR1). Typical values are: <-0.1 for post fire regrowth, -0.1 to +0.1 for unburned, 0.1 to 0.27 for low-severity burn, 0.27 to 0.66 for moderate severity burn and >0.66 for high severity burn.

Healthy vegetation are strong reflectors in NIR, and typically exhibit low reflectance in SWIR. Recently burnt areas display the opposite, with low NIR and high SWIR reflectance.


  1. Head to the ODC Sandbox (click here) and login with GitHub Open Authorization.

  2. Open the /examples folder.

  3. Open and run the /examples/Landing_Page.ipynb notebook block by block.

  4. In block [2], use the map interface to draw a small area of interest, and select a time frame.

  5. Click "Query Cube" and review the number of tiles that will be accessed. Less than 100 will run quickly.

  6. Run block [3], 'band_indices_aws_landsat8', click on the NBR button, and calculate NBR for anywhere inside your previous bounds.


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