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Classify Cover with Tasseled Cap Transformation


A spectrally weighted index for the detection of brightness, greenness and wetness. Each Landsat band is weighted differently to yield enhanced land cover classification. The coefficients in the table below are applied to each Landsat band and then added to create a final result. TCT = C1*Band1 + C2*Band2 + C3*Band3 * C4*Band4 + C5*Band5 + C6*Band6 + C7*Band7.


  1. Head to the ODC Sandbox (click here) and login with GitHub.

  2. Open the /examples folder.

  3. Open and run the /examples/Landing_Page.ipynb notebook block by block.

  4. In block [2], use the map interface to draw a small area of interest, and select a time frame.

  5. Review the number of tiles that will be downloaded and click "Query Cube". Less than 100 will run quickly.
  6. Run block [3], 'band_indices_aws_landsat8', and calculate NDVI for a small region inside your previous bounds.


Code/Python Notebooks

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